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Down on luck

March 12th, 2006 at 10:10 am

One of the things that depresses me the most is when people around me are so down on their luck. I am lucky that I have everything I NEED, quite a few WANTS, and a little extra to work on the debt I have. My mother called me friday to tell me she had a migraine. She got paid (every two weeks), paid the rent and electric, and had nothing left to live on for the next two weeks. She needs food! I HATE THAT! She works so hard and just does NOT have enough to get by with. She has rent, car payment, utilities, medication. She doesn't even make enough to cover these expenses. She is in the process of applying for prescription coverage assitance with the various pharmaceutical companies. That will help. Eventually my brother will be able to send her more money. He sent her $600 a couple months ago. That brought her current and got a little extra with the gas company. My brother just deployed to Afghanistan less than a week ago. Once money starts to build up in his bank accounts, he wont have any expenses and can send her money. I did immediately put a check in the mail Friday. I guess she didn't get it yet since she didn't say anything about it. It will probably arrive tomorrow. I didn't tell her it was on the way.

Then last night on the way to the grocery store, DH tells me how a neighbor asked him if we had any spare canned cat food or tuna. She needed food for her cat and couldn't afford to buy any. She's a single mom laid off from her job just this week. She also just found out she needs the brakes replaced on her car - rotors are shot. My spoiled brat doesn't eat canned food, but DH told her to go knock and see if I had some tuna. He doesn't know if she knocked or not, I was upstairs and couldn't hear the door. He didn't put two and two together and realize we were AT the store! I bought 12 cans of food for $3 and he put it on her front step. It's not there this morning, so I hope she found it.

This is just how I was raised - to help others when they need it. I certainly can't sit in my warm home, watching tv, browsing the internet, eating my food - when my mother can't afford food and a friend has hit hard times.

5 Responses to “Down on luck”

  1. sheri Says:

    God bless you for thinking of others.

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Our utility companies have programs for seniors, where some of their bills are subsidized. Have you checked with your moms utilities?? Just checked to see how young you are, perhaps your mom wouldn't qualify?? How about food stamps for her?? This is just the type of situation the rest of us are paying taxes for, so our social programs bridge the gaps.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    That is just the way I feel too, we have to help out when we can.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    My mom is only 57, so I'm not sure if she'd qualify for any "senior" programs. I know she did apply for fuel assistance late in the season. She made just slightly more than the cutoff for that. She was told to apply anyways, since the need was so great this year. Not sure if anything ever came from that. I'm sure there were others worse off than her. I know we had food stamps when my brother and I were young. She had to do that so we could eat. My dad wasn't sending regular child support. I'm not sure if the thought has crossed her mind to do that again. She did mention she was going to talk to her pastor to get some help. I did send a check. It just hurts very badly when your mother says she has no money for food. And I feel stuck in the middle with DH who wants wants wants. Just 30 seconds ago he mentioned a video game he wants to buy. A video game??

    I am going up to see my mom this weekend. Maybe we should sit down and look at the finances. I currently have control over the student loan she took out for me. I paid that out of rehab for her and now it's in good standing - paid off by Sept 2006. Maybe it's time I see where things stand with her car loan. That's her only other debt that I know of! Who knows what else is going on financially? She's trying very hard to stay on top of things. It's just hard when you don't bring in enough income.

  5. baselle Says:

    Bless you, too. But you are at the "give a man a fish" level. Perhaps teaching your social contacts some of the frugal tricks and budget tips you know can help - they can start at the "teach a man to fish" level and can ease your stress.

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