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Money back IN

March 28th, 2006 at 05:52 pm

Wow, for once I finally feel like money went the other way! We returned several items to stores tonight, and got our money back. I had spent $26 on a suit I decided not to wear. It was a great deal, but just did not look right on me. Back it went! DH spent $30 on Madden 2006, but hadn't had time to open it yet. Good thing since I found out today a friend's son was looking to sell his. Worked out a deal where DH trades a $15 itunes card (he got for free) for the game! The itunes card will mean more to the kid than the game did. Back went the game! We also returned some other unused items for a total of $11. Walked out of the store after spending just $10. I got some body wash and DH got some shoe inserts - both on clearance. Got a couple other things as well. Only $1 was spent on a "want".

I've noticed we're watching more lately on what are wants and what are needs. DH did have something on ebay that he "had to have". The total came to $8.49, but I found a paypal coupon online that brought it down to $5.04. Not bad!! We do need to work quite a bit harder on controlling the spending around here. DH is just barely showing just a little interest in where the money goes. If I mention money, he instantly goes deaf. I can't force him to get interested, but it seems he might be coming around on his own.

2 Responses to “Money back IN”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Can you do something like the $20 challenge, where you set aside money that you actually save? Then, why not plan to use it on something that DH would appreciate (dinner out, vacation, whatever). I'm planning on using my challenge money to go to Napa Valley Ca in November. Hubby was never that interested in this stuff (and still isn't really), but at least he humors me because he knows there's a trip in it for him!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    I just don't think that would work with him unfortunately. At least not at this point in our lives. His mind can't comprehend anything long term it seems. That's why I was so surprised that he's shown ANY interest at all lately. It's a start, even if it's a slow one.

    I'm also not sure if *I* am up to the challenge yet. I'm getting there, just not there yet. I just feel I have a few issues I need to get cleared up before I can reward myself. Getting there! I certainly would like to come up with a challenge that would work for us. Baby steps right now though.

    Thanks for the comments! Enjoy your challenge. Napa Valley sounds fun.

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