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Floor update 09/18/08

September 18th, 2008 at 09:43 am

I took this picture this morning to mark the progress that has been made on the floor. I am happy to report that ALL offending soaked insulation has been removed and now we have to clean up and renovate. Still so much work to be done, but the immediate problem is done. I bet we can really get a lot done this weekend. I'd like to keep track of this project in my blog so that I can see how well we did. I think so far DH has spent $7 for a crowbar to help pry up boards. I'll get the exact number later. Not much work will be done tonight as DH is at his "side job" and gone all day. So the weekend it is! I think tonight I will just get my turtle set up in his more "permanent" temporary home. I might displace another turtle as well since we need to move his tank.

Just to recap since Fern asked: the turtles are FINE! Just a mess and disarray, but no harm to turtles at all.

That's just kitty litter we threw down to soak up moisture.

1 Responses to “Floor update 09/18/08”

  1. fern Says:

    Oh, good, turtles survived. I wasn't sure.

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