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Flooring project update: cost so far

October 4th, 2008 at 01:47 pm

Well, today was the day we rented the uhaul and bought the plywood. This was the 2nd biggest expense for this project. Most expensive part will be the laminate flooring. I want to track this project, so here is what we've spent so far:

Prior to today:
Various tools & Accessories: 71.23

Uhaul rental: 33.01
This includes 19.95 rental, 1.00 environmental fee, 1.27 tax, 4.31 mileage charge, 6.48 gas. They tried to give us trouble with the gas "usage"! DH saw that the needle was just touching F, so he thought that's what they considered full. After the trip, he went and put TWO gallons in the van. We only went 7.3 miles, so there's no way we even used two gallons of fuel. The lady tried to charge him extra because the tank wasn't completely full. Well, long story short - it's a FORD and we've never seen a Ford fuel gauge that wasn't tempermental. No extra charges for us. I would have disputed with my credit card if Uhaul had tried to pull anything funny. I have never had a good experience renting from them, but this was the cheapest option for us.

Insulation: 58.00
Joint compound: 3.48
Random metal things: 2.00 DH is reinforcing part of the floor with these
Screws: 7.68
Project Starter coupon: -10.00 YAY!
Tax: 3.16
Total: 66.40

5 Sheets Plywood: 122.20
2x4x96 board: 1.89
Project Starter coupon: -10.00 YAY again!
Tax: 5.70
Total: 119.79

These were 10.00 off 50.00 coupons, so we each bought some of the items.

Running total spent so far: 290.43 Yuck!

This is going to be more expensive than I thought. We priced laminate and the prices have gone up a bit over the last couple of years. Plus we have to do the stairs as well. It will look nice, but really drive the cost up. Laminate stair nosings cost around 20.00 EACH!! We have no choice on the stairs. We can't leave the ratty non-matching carpet there. It matches what's currently upstairs, but that's leaving soon.

1 Responses to “Flooring project update: cost so far”

  1. fern Says:

    Recently, i needed to have work done on my car and the dealer arranged for a loaner car from the local car rental place. They gave me a huge VAN, probably becus no one else would want to drive such a guzzler, and i ended up having to pay for 2 gallons of gas which annoyed me cus i know i can get to work and back on 1 gallon. Oh well. A small thing, but next time if i ever need another loaner, i'm going to insist on something smaller. I had no say in the matter this time.

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