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The floor is done!

October 26th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Well, the laminate is down. Just need to finalize some trim work and then we can declare the floor completely done. We have decided not to put laminate on the stairs. We will either stain or paint them, depending on what we are up against once we pull up the carpet. Much cheaper and easier than the laminate would have been. We are both happier with this option and I'm sure it will look fine. Here are the costs so far:

Previous total: $290.43
Laminate flooring: $489.51
Underlay and tape: $47.13
Stair nose and trim for the room: $42.96
Nails, more underlay, more tape: $20.92
Return extra insulation: -$26.29
Odds & ends: $2.88

Total so far: $867.54

I'm quite happy this project will stay under $1000 ! We are very pleased with the floor. Now if we could only get the room back together! Two turtles are now home and I just have to fix the third tank.

Here is my 55 gallon tank with my red eared slider:

Here is my 30 gallon tank with my painted turtle:

The tank on the right in this picture is the one I am supposed to be fixing - at this moment!

3 Responses to “The floor is done!”

  1. huffydeb2003 Says:

    The floor looks really nice! Great job staying within the budget too!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    looks good!!

  3. whitestripe Says:

    well done! our family business is the supply and/or installation of timber and laminate flooring. may i suggest for the upkeep and care of your floor that you stick felt tac to the bottom of all your furnishings...? Smile normally i wouldnt say anything (it is shop talk after all) but this is a savings website and i know when you put all that hard work into DIY you want to keep the results!

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