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Spendy day plus proud of mom

November 15th, 2008 at 04:37 pm

Well, it has been a really spendy day, but it was a treat for us for a change! Nice and relaxing and just a fun day.

We are spending Thanksgiving with DH's family so we offered to pick up some local wine if they wanted some. They will be paying us back for this. They asked for 4 bottles from a particular winery a half hour from here. We decided to make an afternoon of it and do a tasting, buy wine, then grab lunch somewhere. We sprung for a case because the wines were so good! We got the 4 we went there for, 3 bottles for us, 2 bottles for Thanksgiving dinner, and 3 bottles for gifts for inlaws. This completes Christmas shopping for them! The two bottles for dinner were a must - holiday spiced cranberry apple wine. YUM!

Spending for the day:
Two tastings w/2 wine glasses: $8.00
Case of wine: $143.91 (eek! this is after a $2.10 discount for a "wine of the month" and the $15.99 case discount.)
Lunch: $28.00 for two HUGE burgers w/ fries, large beer for DH, and good tip.

We've been tipping extra ever since reading on here about people cutting back on tipping but still eating out. We hardly ever eat out, so we feel comfortable tipping extra.

*Mail Break*
- Just went and got the mail and got a rebate check for $2.74. This is for trying a new Arm & Hammer cleaning product.
- Uh oh. DH's idiotic doctor's office has sent him to collections over $7.43 and now he's on a tirade. He's mad enough now that he wont be going there anymore. They refuse to send us a bill and don't tell him his balance or ask for payments when he goes in for appointments. Really cute for a counselor's office that's supposedly "treating" him for ADD! Well anyways, don't appreciate this stress on what has otherwise been a nice day. Oh, if this impacts his perfect credit......

So on to my mom. Ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer she has been unbelievably helpless wih everything. She just finished radiation last week and I'm wondering if her spirits are lifting just a little bit. Yesterday she wanted to order a book through her book club but the website was overcharging the shipping. Of course she called me - what am I supposed to do about it? So I told her she needed to call them and she did, no questions asked! Got it worked out and called me back with a cheery tone in her voice. Then today she had a neighbor come over to look at her broken dryer. It turns, but wont heat. So she called a local supply company and found out the parts would cost almost $100. Then she went online and found them for $75. Wow, my mom went online and found a better deal?? I'm impressed and quite happy about this! She can wait a few days for her dryer to get fixed and she's saving $25, nevermind the cost savings of not hiring a repair person to do it. She baked this guy some cookies and handed him the $20 she had just earned for babysitting my cousin. Now I just have to get this money from her when my credit card statement posts. I had her put it on my PENFED card to get the 1.25% cash back. Hey, every little bit helps! Almost a dollar cash back - she'll take it!

1 Responses to “Spendy day plus proud of mom”

  1. Koppur Says:

    I'm glad your Mom is feeling better! Blessings!

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