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XM and other things

April 13th, 2009 at 05:20 pm

Forgot to mention in my last blog entry that I'm keeping XM for at least 5 more months. I called to "cancel" because I refuse to pay the ridiculous price they charge for this service. I was coming off of 3 months free. I knew what offers were floating around and I knew which one I wanted. Wow, they gave me the offer I wanted right off the bat! The rep was a bit lacking in her job skills though. I said I wanted to cancel and she said "You don't want to take advantage of our promotion?" Uh.... ok.... WHAT PROMOTION?? Immediately offered me 5 months for $19.95 total. That's the most I was willing to pay for this service. I find it very lacking in that I only have the receiver in my car. Also, they cut off free online listening - have to pay more for that. Well anyways, about $4 a month for another 5 months and then I'll see. I really can live without it if it comes down to that. I just wanted to try it out for a while because I can. Smile

We got the $1000 check we were expecting from DH's parents - his part of the settlement from his grandmother's estate. We originally were going to just sit on it for a while but I dunno - awfully tempting to just pay off that 4.99% student loan, isn't it? It should clear the bank tomorrow, then I'll make a decision. DH indicated he wants to just pay off that debt! He's making progress...

I thought it would be a typical NSD today, but I had to gas up my car. Oh well - tried out the new gas promo going on with my grocery store and the gas station I usually go to. It's a pain cuz you can't pay at the pump. You pump first, go in and they scan the card, then pay. Well it saved me 10 cents per gallon - a whopping $1.19 total. Not bad and better than nothing! DH seems to think he should use the discount since his car takes more expensive gas - he found out AFTER he bought it! Uh, 10 cents is 10 cents and it's a matter of who puts in more gallons. I know how many I put in usually - need to find out how many gallons he gets. His car is bigger, so most likely him. I was just trying out the promo today to see how it worked. I'll NEVER drop the $300 or more needed to get the 60 cent per gallon discount! Not even sure it will be often I spend the minimum $50 needed to get the 10 cent discount. Well, I'll use it if I get it. I just signed up online to track the usage. I do still get my 5% back on my rewards card - at the gas station AND grocery store! Smile

So far so good with the "new" cable modem, but I'm still shopping for a backup/replacement for it. This one didn't come with a power adapter, so I'm using the one from the old modem. Yeah, not smart since it's not rated for it, I know! I have no way of getting a replacement adapter for it that I can see. I just plan on getting another modem on ebay - as soon as I find the right deal. Used is just fine and I have a price range in mind.

Oh, as far as fessing up with my spending today - I also sprung for three 8 gb SDHC cards. It's a good size rebate ($90) but the cards will be $6 each after the rebate. This is a pretty "safe" rebate and shouldn't be a problem to get processed. I plan on using these for my camcorder I bought a few months ago. I'd just like another battery for it at some point. The 8 gb card that's in it now is my micro SD card I bought for my phone, then promised to DH, then stole it back for my camcorder. He can have it after I get these. I might even try selling one or two of the cards locally when I get them. We'll see.

Well, I think I'll get offline and go do something else for a change! Smile

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