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Spendy week

April 16th, 2009 at 04:56 pm

Well I sure feel like spending this week! I'm not beating myself up over it because I do have some discretionary money. I jumped in on a good deal on three 8 gb SDHC cards. I missed the last deal I saw like this so I didn't hesitate on this one. Sold out by the end of the day. I got the cards today and I'll be sending the rebate out tomorrow. The cards will be $6 each after rebate. I'll be putting two with my camcorder and the third will be to go with the present I ordered for DH. His stereo in his old car had an SD card slot and I think he really misses that. I don't know why - it's just too "complicated" for him to use his ipod in the car. Cds don't hold enough music for him. Anyways, found a deal on fatwallet for an FM transmitter that has ipod input, usb, and an SD slot - less than $7.00 shipped. Everyone who has received theirs already doesn't see how the company can sell these so cheap. It's coming from Hong Kong, so it'll be a couple weeks. I actually debated over this for a few days and finally jumped on it. With the 8 gb card I think he'll be very happy!

I made the $336 payment for my crown yesterday. I should be done for a while with dental expenses. I'll file for FSA reimbursement as soon as I get the EOB from my dental insurance. Mostly I just want the crown!

Made a freecycle "swap" yesterday. Technically swapping is not allowed but I wanted what she was offering and I had what she wanted. I got a nice watering can that I needed and she got a little cd player boombox for her sister. Good deal all around I thought!

I updated my sidebar because the payment posted to DH's student loan. Well, one down!

Tonight I'm enjoying some "me time"! Soaking my feet and giving myself a pedicure. Had yummy fried chicken leftovers and a salad for dinner. I'm in an ok mood tonight - that's an improvement!

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