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Memorial day, shopping, gardening, etc

May 24th, 2009 at 11:08 am

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Please remember our veterans and our soldiers who are currently on active duty. Military folks in my life include:

- my paternal grandfather who proudly served in the Air Force. He was shot down over enemy lines in WWII. He just turned 85 a month ago.

- my dad who proudly served in the navy during Vietnam.

- last but not least, my younger brother who proudly serves in the army. He has been in Afghanistan and Iraq. As of this week, he is OUT OF IRAQ!!!! In limbo in Kuwait and expects to be back in the states in two weeks. Most importantly though, OUT OF IRAQ!!

Other going ons this weekend:

Made a trek out to CVS this morning. Lots of good deals! I got all of this for no money out of pocket:

I bought:
nail polish
2 deoderant
Used 2.00 in coupons, 13.00 in ECBs, and 0.96 on a free gift card I had. Got back 13.98 in ECBs.

DH bought:
10 powerbars
2 bags of dog treats
2 boxes of cereal
Used 12.00 in coupons, 10.98 in ECBs (from above), and 1.78 on a free gift card. Got back 8.99 in ECBs.

So we still have a little left on those gift cards that I found laying around the house. Came away with 11.98 in ECBs and no money out of pocket. Smile

So I decided to treat myself to a few plants at Lowes. Just got my meager little garden mostly planted. The irises are in bloom and the peony is about to bloom. Soon, we'll have gladiolas in the back. The trellis (a dumpster find last summer) will have a tomato growing up the left side and blue morning glories up the right side - and anywhere else they decide to go. I'll post pics later on this summer, but wait til you guys see what one of my neighbors does with his morning glories. He's a botanist so he knows a little more than me.

Other than that, things are fairly quiet these days. My mom has gone through a couple thought processes that surprised me. As in: recognizing there wouldn't be enough money to cover a couple purchases made (medications she didn't tell me she needed), then deciding to transfer money from savings and actually doing so. WHOA! She's never had such understanding of money before. Maybe there's still hope? Property taxes are due - no problem! She even had enough money to pay her AAA membership that I didn't know was due, AND money to go away to a church weekend later this summer. She doesn't have to ask for help this year and SHE is paying for it!

Well, I think I'll go see if any fights are going on in the Indy 500.

5 Responses to “Memorial day, shopping, gardening, etc”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Thanks to all the men in your family who served our country. My father served in WWI and WWII.

  2. NJDebbie Says:

    The Trail Mix Crunch cereal is absolutely delicious if you have it as hot cereal. By the way your plants look great. We spent most of the day today prepping the soil to plant our veggies. We'll do that tomorrow morning. Have a great Monday and thank you to all of our soldiers.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    What a great family you have! Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Come on back and play in the blog posting sandbox, pretty please?

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    Thanks Lux! It's something I want to do. I'm still here most every day, reading and commenting. Just trying to sort some issues out in my life. Time is the biggest issue - lack thereof! Smile

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