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Updated finances

September 26th, 2009 at 10:45 am

Er... tried to? The mutt was in a MOOD this morning. We had a lengthy discussion over other available sun spots in the house before I finally dragged her upstairs - to the full sun third floor.

When I finally got my desk back, I got caught up on the financials for the week. I have things running so smoothly that I can just do a quick update when I don't have a lot of time. That was last week when my inlaws were in town. This week I wanted to dive into things a little deeper now that DH's car is paid off.

Next up? Student Loan 1 and Citi BT!! Six months?? We'll see. I paid off DH's car in six months, but this is a little bit more to pay off. Well, I updated my sidebar and then scheduled another $125 to Student Loan 1. I still need to take a look at my other bank account and see how much "extra" is there. Smile

There is a down side to having DH's car paid off: he now thinks he can move on to his dream of driving a race car. *SIGH* Is it just me, or is it really more complicated than "buying a race car"? He KNOWS this too!! He volunteers on a pit crew for a Super Late Model car at a local track! To make matters worse: his parents will happily hand over $1000 for him to do this if we'll move back to Indiana. C'mon - who wants to scream with me?!?

Here's a little background: an untreated ADHD mind can destroy your life financially if you're not careful. He's diagnosed, textbook, and currently untreated. His mind isn't currently capable of seeing the impact his decisions can have in the long run. He wants a race car and he wants it NOW. I'm still trying to figure out how to get us working on the same page. He just sadly says our priorities are different.

Here are MY priorities, not quite finalized:
1. Pay off Student Loan 1
2. Pay off Citi BT
3. Build emergency fund - dollar amount TBD
4. Build "baby" fund

Then, I'm really not sure. You can absolutely count on #4 disappearing if we can't work out our differences on the race car issue. No way will I ever be able to explain the costs associated with medical bills, nevermind anything else.

Don't get me wrong: I WANT him to be able to race cars. I just don't see HOW we'll ever be able to afford it.

Well, those are the demons I'm battling today. And here I thought my biggest problem after the car payoff would be to talk him out of a big screen LCD TV...

4 Responses to “Updated finances”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    ...and the issues involved with him getting treatment are?

    Probably costs and side-effects??? Just guessing, not trying to be nosy, but I don't see how you'll ever get on the same page w/o him being treated if he sees a race-car as a viable option??

    Can you save up and get him a weekend race-car-driving mini-vacation at one of 'those' places? Or, would that just fuel the fire?

    His parents - can you have a side talk explaining why that would be a bad idea, one that won't upset the apple cart?

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Oh boy... where to start??? Cost to treatment is somewhat of an issue - just not the biggest thing stopping me right now. I really feel that he can't get effective treatment unless *I* fully understand what's going on in his mind. (Too bad I left my book at work this weekend!) He has been MUCH more receptive to discussing this now that he can see I'm out to help him make things better, not out to get him. Treating this is much more complicated than just giving him some pills.

    Racing school? Oh hell ya that would fuel the fire!! The guy he volunteers for was actually supposed to take him and another guy to one this year, but that never happened for some reason. Too bad. He was really looking forward to that.

    His parents? Sorry, resisting the temptation to die laughing here. Um... the last 10 years have been a struggle. We come from different worlds. I am evil and he is perfect in their eyes. The last two visits with them have been GREAT! Yup, 2 in all of 10 years. He admitted to me that his mother is "concerned" about the book I'm reading (I'm not hiding this from anyone anymore). She feels I'm trying to blame our relationship problems on him. I flat out told him "Sorry, but almost everything IS because of your ADHD." He seems receptive to these comments now. It's just a SLOW, complicated process. He seems to want to understand why his mind does what it does though.

  3. CouponAddict Says:

    Oh my, I never thought that my husbands problem with needing to spend could have been related to his (SELF CONFIRMED ADHD).

    My husband is ADHD and PTSD. Reading your post today was like a light bulb. Ever since he got PTSD the not seeing the results of his actions went no big deal to oh my.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    That's why I want to talk about this stuff so much lately! Most people just don't understand how much ADHD affects the one with it and the ones around them. I'm sharing what I learn with DH and I just keep hearing "Huh, that explains a lot..." Almost everything can be traced back to something in their brain working differently due to ADHD. Don't get me wrong - it's not all BAD stuff, it's just an explanation for things.

    This website has little snipits from the book I'm reading, along with podcasts from the author. The short snipits were very eye opening for me and that's why I got the book. http://adultadhdbook.com/

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