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At least the toilet works!!

October 10th, 2009 at 02:37 pm

It wasn't working last night! You know, it's one of those things you just use so often. As soon as it doesn't sound right - you KNOW. It wasn't filling up with water all of a sudden. Faulty fill valve. Off to the store we went this morning to buy a new one. We could get a basic one for $7.48 or a "water saving" one for $11.48. DH opted to go for the more expensive one in the hopes it would save water over time. We'll see. I wasn't upset AT ALL over the cost. Sure beats hiring a plumber and I am not afraid to try. Who fixed it? ME!!!!! Smile
I still need to figure out the water adjustments, but at least the tank fills now. Standing on your head under the toilet really is not as much fun as it sounds. Wink

We've had a really good day so far. I'm just sitting here with a huge grin on my face. I've been laughing a lot lately, just happy about a lot of things and my frugal ways really make me laugh. I'm listening to some new music I got at a yard sale and I'm VERY happy with my purchase. We spent $5.75 and got: 6 cds (3 each), a diecast car for DH, a Nascar license plate frame for DH, and a new harness for the beagle. The harness was a steal! She's had hers for over 5 years now and it's getting really ratty. It's almost not even blue anymore. We paid $1.00 for this one, it looks brand new, same size, same brand - everything! I think we paid at least $12 for hers when we got it. We got our money's worth for it and it's nice to know this one should last just as long. Still not ready to swap it out, but we have it now.

Went to BK for lunch and got our usual: value fry, value drink, free whopper with coupon on receipt. $2.15 for me, more for DH since he opted for cheese. We had a good laugh over the guy in front of us: dressed in a business suit, punching away on his little electronic toy, making a loud fuss over not having enough money in THAT account to pay for his food. He marched off with his large drink and large meal - after having his buddy pay. We were more than happy with our food purchase and didn't pay anywhere near as much as he did. Oh, and didn't have a problem paying either. I KNOW where my money is.

Then we headed off to Walgreens to kill off the rest of the RR that were expiring tomorrow. A couple weeks ago we spent $31.82 at Walgreens and got back $35.00 in RR. I've been working hard to get these spent but it's HARD! I got 4 boxes of tampons, 1 box of kleenex, 8 candy bars (fillers), vaseline lotion, + some other stuff - and I still have $25.00 in new RR!! I just don't remember picking up this:

After that we stopped at a local church's pumkin patch and picked out two smallish pumpkins. Spent $8 - more than we would have spent at the place we usually buy them. This supported a church though, and I'm always in favor of doing so. Odd, since I'm not religious, but I do still believe in supporting churches. Maybe I'll bake one tomorrow - then time for the annual fight with the beagle for the pumpkin carcass! We're getting that on video this year, that's for sure.

I just updated my sidebar with the new total for Student Loan 1. Looks like interest hit along with all my payments last week. I just made $475.00 in payments for this week and I'll update my sidebar when those payments hit. It would have been more, but I realized my water bill is due around now and I haven't seen it yet. Odd. The water bill is twice a year. I opted to save some money for that bill for now.

We have nothing planned for the rest of the evening and that is just fine. Dinner is even in the crock pot - pork ribs soaking in BBQ sauce. It smells AMAZING!!

Off to just relax the rest of the night - hopefully. Smile

8 Responses to “At least the toilet works!!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    You have a LOT to be smiley about!!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    I'm trying Lux! Some days it's very hard. Just hard-wired in my brain with depression and anxiety. That's why I LOVE this feeling when I get it!! Smile Still feeling like it was a wonderful day.

  3. Petunia Says:

    Good for you, for fixing your own toilet. Mr H does that around here, but I have reconnected. . . well, since I don't know what the names of the parts are I can't tell you what I reconnected, but it got the toilet to flush! Toilets are surprisingly uncomplicated, but they all seem very complicated when you don't know how they work.

    Sounds like a great day, love the picture of your cat!

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    You mentioned over on BA's blogpost about toothbrushes that you had a bunch of them - have you considered donating them to a women's shelter or a homeless shelter?

    I'm a big user of veeti-viti-vegimons(alluding to Lucy Ricardo's popular show) and I like this guy's take on a lot of things. Here's what he says on anxiety...


  5. dmontngrey Says:

    Petunia - good for you! You don't ALWAYS have to know what parts are called - as long as the end result is a working product. Smile Heck, a few days ago I was not aware that part was called a fill valve. Never needed to know before! It was not a fun job, but I just laugh at all the people I know who would call a plumber for that.

    Lux - thanks for the link! It was an interesting read. I am really not in favor of medicating my "problems". Mostly because there are a lot of definitive causes here and I'd rather just eliminate the causes! Getting things running smoother with DH is helping. Shoving my mother's problems aside will help in time. And the toothbrushes? Yes, of course I'd like to donate them somewhere. Anxiety plays into this. I do not like the phone or driving unknown places. I'm not quite sure where to donate them. I was thinking of asking on our local sister group to Freecycle. You are allowed to ask about stuff like that on there - as well as sell stuff. It's NOT Freecycle, just a sister group to our local chapter. Lots of good local info. Honestly, I had pushed the toothbrushes out of site and out of mind until BA said something. Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt! I need it! I'll see what I can do. Smile

  6. HouseHopeful Says:

    Glad you have a working toilet again Smile sounds like you got some great deals.

  7. frugaltexan Says:

    Go you - fixing the toilet! Smile I have no idea what the fill valve is, but I have made some tempoary fixes when the toilet was running or the handle was loose.

  8. dmontngrey Says:

    It's one of those things where you don't have to know what it's called, as long as you understand the basic principles. You have the thing that lifts and drains water from the tank to the bowl. Then you have the thing that allows water to fill the tank back up. This is what broke. It was probably full of gunk, so it wasn't allowing water in. Or something in it broke. Who knows? The part was cheap and just my time to install it. SO EASY to do! Shut off water, flush, unscrew old one, connect new one, turn on water.

    Tonight I will attempt to Macgyver DH's coffee pot back to life. Water is just gushing out of it from somewhere. This came on a couple of days ago. How complicated can it be? Famous last words.... Big Grin

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