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My dumbest purchase

March 5th, 2008 at 04:38 pm

In response to

Text is DebtKid's dumbest purchase and Link is http://www.debtkid.com/share-your-dumbest-purchase-ever-win-my-ds-lite
DebtKid's dumbest purchase, I really had to think about this one since I generally am happy with my purchases.

My dumbest purchase would have to be the 72 gallon pond kit I purchased at an insane price a little over a year ago. This pond kit looks so cute and was only less than $40 SHIPPED! WOW!! These things normally retail for closer to $150.00!!! What a STEAL!! I wanted a pond more than anything - I just love aquariums inside and little ponds outside. How great!

BUT... I live in a condo... I don't have a place to put this thing, so it just sits in the box collecting dust. Frown

I wanted it so badly, can't use it, and could have used that money for something else.