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Amex made me do it!

December 4th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Ok, so maybe I had a little to do with it as well. Wink

Between Small Business Saturday and the Amex gift chain this week, we did great! A whole week of Amex sponsored shopping - who would have thought?

DH and I had 4 cards registered for Small Business Saturday on November 26th. We did all 4 transactions at two local liquor stores that we usually go to. Spent a total of $108.11 and got back $100.00 in statement credits a few days later. Plus we have $20.00 in rebates pending on the items we purchased. We were hoping to get one more $10 rebate, but we didn't notice until after the purchase that the rebate started two days later. Ugh. I hate it when distributors put rebate forms on products enticing you to buy before the promo starts!

We were quite happy with the day, so DH posted on Facebook how much he loved Small Business Saturday. One of his friends said between that, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday - there needed to be a Buy More Tuesday. DH said he would if Amex would pay for it. Little did we know Amex would pay for us to shop for a whole WEEK!

Monday morning I signed up for the Amex gift chain:

Text is https://giftchain.amexnetwork.com/ and Link is

My final tally by the end of the week, 24 transactions spread across three cards:

Total spent: 615.32
Total value of gifts: 672.50 + 3 Shoprunner memberships

9 WalMart $25 gift cards
2 Visa $25 gift cards
1 TRU $25 gift card
2 TRU toy purchases - legos and remote car for local gift drive
2 TRU $25 Toys for Tots donations
3 Nike $25 gift cards
5 BBB $25 gift cards

$40 AMEX gift cards
$84.50 statement credits
$100.00 statement credits for next purchase
$8.00 4X shareable $2 Dunkin Donuts gift cards
$40.00 4X shareable $10 AMEX gift cards
$200.00 4X shareable $50 AMEX gift cards
$200.00 4X shareable $50 AMEX gift cards - on a 2nd card!
3 Shoprunner memberships

I still have one missing gift for the TRU egift card purchase on Wednesday. Despite that, I am just THRILLED!! Big Grin

We still have some shopping to do for the local gift drive - we are matched up to two boys we are shopping for. We plan to use a couple Walmart gift cards and the TRU gift card to finish buying what we need.

The shareable $50 Amex cards spread perfectly across both our immediate families. A very Merry Christmas to all! Big Grin


In other news, we have a busy busy week coming up. Have a lot of things to get done around the house. Things that need to be done anyway - but especially so with holiday travel coming up. I suddenly don't feel like I have enough time to get things done - bleah.

Got the front struts replaced on my car yesterday. Oh boy, what a difference! It's still not perfect, but my car does have 96K miles on it. Doesn't feel as sloppy anymore though. DH did the work himself and I "helped". Mostly I just stood there and handed him tools as needed - sometimes offering a second hand. Definitely made the job much easier. We ran into trouble with the right side sway bar end link, so I had to do an emergency parts run. I feel better that we replaced that part since he did the driver's side a couple months ago. Sure didn't care for that part to go bad - my ears were ringing for weeks after the first one leaked all the grease out of the bushing. Talk about sounding like the whole front end is about to fall off the car! Ah well, hopefully my car will behave for a while now. It's an 07 Elantra, so not *that* old!

Well this day is not over yet, so I'm sure I can accomplish a few more things. I already straightened up/rearranged things on the 3rd floor. I need to clean tanks, vac, steam clean, make cookies - not all today though. Smile Better get moving though.