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Earth day perks + pennies

April 19th, 2009 at 10:09 am

Huh... didn't expect any perks for earth day, so I was quite happy when the Target cashier bagged my stuff in a red, reusable Target bag! I was thinking of going to the other Target nearby and the free bag sold me on it. Picked up a 2nd one at that store. I was only there to check out the 90% off easter stuff! I mostly just picked up a bunch of dog-friendly easter bunnies for 39 cents each. Smile

I thought of everyone here a little while ago when I heard a commercial for cici's pizza. Don't know WHY I heard a commercial - there isn't one anywhere near here! Anyways, they are doing a penny promotion. From their website www.cicispizza.com:

"To reward the Penny Picker uppers of the world, CiCi's is putting a million pennies near their restaurants all over the country. And on the back of thousands of them, we're giving away a free trip to our endless buffet. Plus, every specially marked penny that is brought back to CiCi's will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America."

Very interested promotion since we know so many folks do not pick up pennies! Rewards the rest of us who do. I stopped and picked up a penny outside of Target last night.

It's a beautiful day out today. My head is still swimming with all the stuff I want to get done and don't feel I have time to do. Well I got the music project done yesterday, so now I want to redo the music on my ipod. I still need to put all my laundry away and tackle the dreaded closet. Well, off to work I go!

3 Responses to “Earth day perks + pennies”

  1. Lady T Says:

    I love that promotion idea of CiCi's!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I think about this place when I hear that advertisment too. I found a dime just the other day!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is a very creative promotion. There are several CiCi's near me .... too bad I didn't hear about this til now. Smile (Maybe better for my waistline though.)

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