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Care package

October 24th, 2009 at 03:18 pm

Oh, I have been having way too much fun lately! Too much fun at the grocery store with catalina deals and too much fun at Walgreens with register rewards (RR).

This is what I ended up with on my little catalina binge:

Quantity Item
3 Clorox Wipes
1 Diet 7-up
6 Hartz Crunch N Clean biscuits
2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest - Penne
7 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest - Rotini
10 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest - Spaghetti
13 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest - Thin Spaghetti
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste - Penne
19 Ronzoni Smart Taste - Rotini
11 Ronzoni Smart Taste - Spaghetti
10 Fiber One cereal
8 Chex Mix
13 Nature Valley granola bars
4 Warm Delights Mini
4 Fiber One yogurt
2 Milkbone dog biscuits
2 Yo+ yogurt
6 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
12 Cascadian Farms granola cereal
7 Gold Medal flour
11 Cheerios
4 Golden Grahams
18 Pillsbury crescent rolls
15 Progresso Soup
16 Pillsbury cinnamon buns
8 Pillsbury Grands
5 Total whole grain cereal
5 Betty crocker fruit snacks

I spent 48.55 and still have 77.00 in catalina. This gives me a 28.45 "profit".

I also got:
4 Nestea for 0.04 profit!
18 Shaws solid white albacore tuna for 4.50.
9 Healthy choice frozen meals for 0.09 profit!

I catalog all my coupon shopping on my facebook page and I get a lot of questions. A young lady I know, who is a freshman in college, commented that I should send her some stuff since she gets hungry studying. I know she was just joking, but I called her out on it. I had her go through the "catalog" and pick out some stuff. She made a nice selection of healthier items and mentioned a couple of things she would like but didn't see pictured: index cards and Pepperidge Farm goldfish.

Oh boy, I ran right out and rolled my Walgreens RR into money maker deals over the past two days. Even with buying 8 bags of goldfish, 3 packs of index cards, several Puffs Plus tissues, and a diecast car for DH - I STILL came out ahead! Between yesterday and today I'm ahead by 5.78. I still can't believe my head hasn't exploded yet!!

Well, this is what I've got so far:

Wont this be a FUN box to get?!?

I've never actually met this girl in person though. We know of each other due to some unfortunate circumstances, and are just "friends" on social networking sites. We come from the same town and know a lot of the same people. I know a lot about her past and she comes from a tough life. Bright kid though - did high school in three years and plans to do college the same. I also remember what it was like going off to college. I bet she'll have no trouble sharing this stash of goodies! There are a lot of things on the lower layer that you can't see: 6 boxes of Puff tissues, 3 boxes of microwave popcorn, 2 bottles of listerine, + more. I'm not posting this on facebook because I want it to be a surprise!

I can ship this to her via UPS using my company's account (for a discount) and paying by credit card. It should cost me around $15 to ship it ground and she'll get it Wednesday. Big Grin

All this couponing stuff really is like having a part time job - I need a vacation!

In other financial news:
I fired off a $450 payment to Student Loan 1. HA! Take that!! I'll update next week after that payment hits. Not too much longer on this loan. Smile

I'm still slowly watching my mother spiral downwards. There's nothing I can do since she's "just having fun!!" This is what I hear from her. I hardly hear from her anymore - she's too busy with her "new boyfriend". I can't be bothered with her childishness. There's no way to avoid the pain of watching her spiral downward. I hate seeing my mother do this to herself, but she does NOT want to be responsible for anything it seems. Plus - of course I'm still bitter about her spending when she owes so many people money. Yeah, I don't go out of my way to make an effort with her either. I have no choice but to distance myself. Frown

Well, DH brought home a leftover kielbasa dish and is downstairs heating it up. Not sure if I'll like it - but I certainly have learned to be grateful for what's in front of me! Smile

10 Responses to “Care package”

  1. momcents Says:

    What a sweet idea to send off a care package! You'll be making someone very happy.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    What a nice thing to do!

  3. fern Says:

    You brought back the fondest of memories for me when, as a college student, I would make my daily trip to the post office and find a care package from my grandmother, with home-baked cookies that no one else could make and all sorts of goodies. I was very homesick my first year, and those care packages meant the world to me.

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    That should be a surprise indeed, even though she told you what she'd like, Smile

  5. NJDebbie Says:

    Your blog put a smile on my face. It reminds me that there are still really good people out there. May your abundace continue in every way! ((HUGS))

  6. crazyliblady Says:

    This is a real kindness you have done. When students are in college and have practically no money because they typically can't work a 40 hour per week job, they may wind up eating poor quality food which gives them no fuel for thinking. I was definitely there a few times and wish I had eaten some Cheerios instead of a cheeseburger and a coke. You deserve a gold star. Big Grin
    She could save the Box Tops for Education and pass them on to someone to give to a school. I don't know how much those things are worth, but I pass along every one I get.

  7. dmontngrey Says:

    Thanks for all the comments! Yes, I am VERY grateful for the abundance I have, and even more grateful to be able to share it. Her list was very simple, and she chose the healthier options from the items I had - smart girl! She also chose a nice mix of food items and personal care items. Great point on the BTfE! I will mention those to her. I'll let her know my brother saves them if she doesn't have anyone else to pass them on to.

    Now that I have her address, I certainly could send another package to her in the future. Smile I do know she's a little homesick and misses her friends.

  8. frugaltexan75 Says:

    What an awesome thing you are doing for the college girl! Smile

  9. dmontngrey Says:

    I'm excited to get this shipped tomorrow! Big Grin Just have a little more space to fill up in the box. I sure did find a LARGE box to use!

  10. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    How kind you are to help a student. That's so sweet.

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