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Spend spend spend!

January 9th, 2012 at 10:47 am

It seems like all we've done is spend lately!!

- I like to shop Staples and do the free after rewards deals. I've shelled out a few bucks there lately! I flip it back into cash with free after rebate deals, so no harm done financially.

- DH's truck failed inspection. We knew it would. He took it to get inspected using that to diagnose the problem. He replaced all four ball joints on Saturday, but there are still front end problems. He'll do the sway bar end links and the pittman arm this coming weekend. Then maybe it'll pass inspection?

- Our dog had his surgery last Tuesday - $650 for surgery/biopsy. Eek. That's after the $200 we shelled out for the previous appointment and pre-surgical screening. The tumor ended up being a hemangiopericytoma. Malignant, but at 15 it's more likely something else in life will take him out before this thing grows back. 8 more days until the stitches are out and he can stop wearing that awful cone... Frown

- I'm learning Wordpress and getting into blogging more. Trying to at least! Wink I signed up for a free blogging class and got a free 1 year of hosting through godaddy. All of a sudden I had four more things I needed to log into! So I organized all my website info in a spreadsheet - then sat DH down to do the same with his. This involved reassessing domains and hosting for him. We are transferring one domain to a different registrar and cancelling his two (why?) hosting accounts. We then signed up for 3 years with another hosting service and transferring an expiring domain to them. One domain comes with the package, so that saves a few $$ since we don't have to pay to renew that one.

We did absolutely NOTHING yesterday. Well, aside from the website stuff. I'd still say we did nothing! I can't remember the last time we had a day like that. 2010??

We had a little money roll into the house too. Three $50 Amex cards arrived from the gift chain promo. We received two $20 Amex cards the previous week. We also got two $20 MC cards from another promo: Spend $200, get $20. I registered two cards for that and made payments on our car insurance!! Big Grin

My mom confirmed she got her $50 Amex card. She quickly went from thanking me to getting MAD that she couldn't buy anything fun with it and had to buy her medicine. *sigh* I give up...

Look at that - another blog entry. I think as I go along I might get better about this. I just have too many places I want to blog! Smile I'll get things under control eventually. I hope. Wink

4 Responses to “Spend spend spend!”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Frown I hope she recovers quickly and continues to live a long life.

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Thanks! He's doing really good. He just HAS to wear the cone because there wasn't much room on his leg to sew him back up. If he gets the stitches out, we'd have to go to a specialist to get it fixed. No thank you! He's not bothering the incision, but we can't take the chance. 8 more days until the stitches are out. He's 15 years old, so what can we do? After everything else that went wrong in 2011, we really didn't expect him to see 2012. He's in great shape for an old boy! Smile

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